Chateau Pond, Labrador – Maintenance day

The two mechanics of the winter road clearance, Edgar and Darnell, already expected us. We may pull in their workshop to carry out some repairing and maintenance. The guys know to weld and perfectly reconstruct our broken roof rack foot. They love the German word “Zugnieten” for rivets and train keenly for our common amusement. They have a pressure washer as well and Arminius slowly becomes clean again. During the day quite a few cars pass by to get small repairs done. This service is for many kilometres the only opportunity to solve technical problems. One driver can’t stop his engine despite detached ignition key. In the next car the ABS brake doesn’t switch off. This problem is eliminated quickly by disconnecting the whole ABS system. Who needs all that flimflam! For supper I bake fresh bread a cook hot Texan bean stew for all of us.

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