Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Labrador: A black bear on the run

We say goodbye to Mélina and her group and proceed eastwards. Right after we find a dark furry spot on the road. An adult black bear sat down on the road on its big bottom. It escapes faster than due to its corpulence expected, but we can take a couple of photos.

In the beginning of the 50-km-construction zone we meet the grader driver we’ve already talked to on the way there.  “You must love this road more than I do”, he laughs. The track was just released in December. During winter snow covered the road bumps, and the highway was well passable. The problems started in spring with the beginning rainfalls. Several teams make progress with the road construction from both ends.

Since nearly 24 hours it didn’t rain. Despite the numberless swamps and moors, lakes and rivers everything starts to dry out immediately. The gravel highway makes a lot of dust while crossing it; the potholes are difficult to determine when not filled with water. Again and again we find witnesses of former dry spells: Conifers that have fallen victim to a forest fire. Many of them sprout new green shoots behind the blackened needles, but a lot of them are beyond help.   

We don’t take much pleasure in the drought. After 500 km field path, and from it 50 km across country, we arrive at Chateau Pond in the cold draughty plateau.

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