Vaya con Dios

The trip has started. At least for one of the three of us. Arminius is since April 8th on the ferry to Canada. From Hamburg it takes three long weeks until we can take receipt of him in Halifax.

Vaya con Dios


In either case we will do better with God’s blessing. To avoid any harm happening to us Reverend Wolfgang Stengel came on the dot for our departure to Hamburg to say his benediction. Thank you, it could come in useful one day! Just as little Germanic Arminius, who conquered the big Romans in those days, now little Arminius hits the road to discover the world.


Motorhome parking space Hamburg


At the motorhome parking space Hamburg close to the harbour Arminius is a bit out of the ordinary and attracts attention. After a night with versatile sounds – suburban railway, seagulls, and road – we delivered him for shipment where photographing was unfortunately forbidden.

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