Small Delay

There are one thousand reasons for NOT setting out on a world trip. Too much work, too much stress, and too much property. Lack of time, lack of money, and lack of desire. Too many children, too much family, and too many friends. Lack of knowledge, lack of courage, and lack of interest. I do understand each single one. We met many of them during our preparations. But there are at least one million reasons to set out on a world trip. Being curious about nature, people, and cultures. Joie de vivre, spirit of adventure, risk awareness. Not least interest in our world. There is only one.


A world trip isn’t a pleasure excursion. There were difficult times already beforehand. Dreaming for years was replaced by hard work for one year and three months concrete preliminaries. Ten hours per day, from Mondays to Sundays. There were times where nothing seemed to work, everything broke down, nothing fitted, and frustration took over.




Nobody seemed to intend insuring our car, but there’s no way without. Unanticipated costs came towards us. A work accident delayed our departure, in the end it were fortunately only two weeks. But we never had doubts.


And now, finally, we are ready to rock and roll!

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