Cañon de Colca, Peru – Access to “Cruz del Condor”

The entrance station to Colca Canyon is Yanque where admission has to be paid. The boleto turistico costs 70 Nuevo Soles (26 $), the Latino charge is 40 PEN (14.50 $). You have to find a good reason why you want to pay the Latino charge instead of the foreigner charge, but sometimes it works… The ticket is valid for some ruins, the Valle de los Volcanes where you can see lots of volcanoes with good weather, as well as for the Cañon de Colca where you can climb down.

Colca Canyon was for long time thought to be the world’s deepest canyon with 3,191 m, at least the deepest one in the western hemisphere. A few years ago it was discovered that the neighbouring Cañon del Cotohuasi is 150 m deeper. Still the 100 km long Colca Canyon is twice as deep as Arizona’s Grand Canyon, but no comparison, since you only look down 1,000 m to Rio Colca and the surrounding mountains tower another 2,000 m high – a beautiful sight anyway.

Main attraction is the viewing point Cruz del Condor where condors can be watched. There is no checkpoint on the access road from south, but tickets are regularly checked at the miradór. Camping is said to not be allowed on the parking lot, but nobody bothers us there: S 15°36’45.0’’ W 71°54’14.5’’.

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