Cuenca, Ecuador – The facelift

We are packing the tools, washing the cabin, and closing the storage compartments. The work is done and we prepare for continuing our trip. Arminius has got a new face and the back also looks different now. Besides the stack a support frame for the roof rack adorns the front. Since the feet of the rack just lean on the roof rail we feared that this breaks off sometime. Although we store little weight on the roof only the diagonal movements when off-roading are considerable. We got ourselves a recoverable underride guard at the back end below the spare wheel whose cross member could be used as a tow bar at the same time. Mario welded and painted both.
In most countries an underride guard for trucks is the regulation. The Unimog has a special licence since this would be inconsistent with the purpose of the vehicle, but Argentina is precious little interested in German special licences, actually they just care for their own rules. Travellers passing through with their own vehicle are expected to obey these rules as well. Beside the underride guard a tow bar for trucks belong to these laws. Trailer couplings jutting out to the back are also unwelcome. Fines for non-compliance are hearty. Other travellers shall have paid fine in Argentina for not-availability of a white corpse sack – whereas we attribute this law to the fertile imagination of an underpaid traffic policeman who got hold of a bribe this way.
The time in Cuenca was busy – polishing and painting here, some underseal there; some oil and filters were changed, the daylights fixed in another place, and much more. The Christmas cookies are nearly eaten up and the Christmas fat settled down. I managed to get some copies made of my anti-theft handbag (and to the effect tested in Panama!) that we carry with us now. So many travellers asked me about this purse, so now I carry stocks for passing on.
Who wants to visit the attractive Cuenca without repairing, making or painting finds a hideout at Hosteria Yanuncay like so many other travellers. Camping fee shall be 10 US$ for two people: S 02°54’20.4’’ W 79°01’40.8’’

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