Túquerres, Colombia – Panamericana Sur

Along the Pan Americana from Popayán to the south some camping options offer:
* Truck stop Biomax, Panoya, 68 km / 43 mi north of Pasto, quiet grass/gravel area: N 01°34’04.1’’ W 77°21’00.1’’
* Texaco truck stop north of Pasto, a lot of space, very busy: N 01°15’49.5’’ W 77°16’42.7’’
* Gas station south of Pasto, quieter: N 01°09’48.1’’ W 77°17’43.9’’
* The restaurant Country House in Pasto that was mentioned by other travellers in the past is ruled out since it’s not operating.
* Biomax truck stop Porvenír, N 01°06’57.5’’ W 77°22’51.2’’
* Esso truck stop south of Tangua, N 01°03’53.2’’ W 77° 25’43.7’’
* Esso truck stop 14 km / 9 mi north of Ipales, N 00°54’31.7’’ W 77°31’40.0’’
* Terpel truck stop Ipales, N 00°50’05.3’’ W 77°35’55.8’’
* Fuel is in Colombia generally more expensive than in Ecuador. Diesel costs about 8.000 Peso per gallon, gas around 10,000. On the other hand, fuel is said to have poor quality in Ecuador. It is good to know that the department Nariño at the border to Ecuador has tax privileges. Upon leaving Cauca prices at the gas stations change. Diesel is only 5.000 COP per gallon.

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