Popayán, Colombia – The white city

Popayán counts – beside Cartagena and Mompós – to the most beautiful colonial cities in Colombia. For us it has much more charm than Cartagena, since it is also outside the historic centre a pleasant city worth living in. The town with only 250,000 inhabitants that was founded in 1537 has produced more intellectuals, bishops, and presidents than any other Colombian city. Its constant spring climate makes our stay pleasant.

Its title Ciudad Blanco origins from the uniformly whitewashed facades in the old town. Here are the sights like the Basilica Metropolitana, the square clock tower Torre del Reloj with a clock from London (since 1737) with only one hand, the baroque church San Francisco, and the bridges made from hundreds of thousands of bricks. Doing a round is especially worth in the evening when the colonial buildings are lit full of atmosphere.

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