Popayán, Colombia – The two faces

Here they are again, the two faces of Colombia. We arrive in Popayán in the early afternoon to look for a camping option first. The only truck stop that has some space to park and is somehow suitable is the southern Biomax (N 02°25’12.6’’ W 76°37’57.5’’). We ask additionally at a restaurant with big parking lot, but you can probably imagine the answer: Yes, but … it’s 50,000 Pesos. Of course. We head to the Carrefour supermarket first to buy some grocery. Here they have a truck access as an exception (at N 02°27’36.6’’ W 76°35’43.4’’). Further south on the Pan Am there is the less expensive Exito supermarket.

We hardly started to push our cart through the aisles, the other Colombian face stands in front of us: Lucia and Carlos, a super-nice Colombian couple. They take the overnight question off our shoulders because they simply invite us to stay with them. From one planned night result three. Later Carlos explained us his theory how they found us in the huge mall after they discovered the Unimog in the parking lot. Well, how would you look for two Germans driving such a vehicle? 1. Travellers don’t buy clothes or shoes, they purchase food and have to be in the grocery. 2. Unimog drivers have to be tall, everything else would be uncomfortable. 3. Germans aren’t usually dark types, they have more likely blue eyes and lighter hair. 4. Where to find Germans in a supermarket? In the beer aisle. That’s exactly where we meet.

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