Colón, Panama – Arminius is travelling

On this bad day we have to temporarily say good-bye to Arminius. We bring him into the harbour of Colón, to Manzanillo to be correct, where our agent awaits us. He takes us to all offices, we have to pay 48 $ harbour and disinfection fees, and the customs bring a drug dog to sniff at our truck. The whole story takes three hours. The agent takes us to the bus terminal where we immediately can enter the express bus back to Panama City. It isn’t recommended to hang around at the bus station, the area isn’t too trustworthy. The icy air-conditioned bus takes 3.15 $ pp, but needs two hours for the 70 km / 45 mi in the evening traffic. An entertaining horror movie is on that stands out due to be especially bloodthirsty. Since the volume is loud it is difficult to evade the horror. Fortunately, there are no kids on board.

Our hosts Sue and Lew were so kind to offer us one of their rooms so that we can save the hotel costs in Panama City.

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