Panama City, Panama – Panama’s old town and shelter for travellers

Panama’s old town is called Casco Viejo, a quarter where Spanish and French colonial style left its marks. Some years ago restoration was started and is partially finished. A particularly beautiful place is Paseo de las Bóvedas, a flower-covered passageway built on a fortress wall with a grand view into the bay of Panama and the numerous skyscrapers of the new city. For lunch we meet with Roz, another friend of Wallace. The former teacher runs a second-hand shop for exclusive formal dress where even the First Lady of Panama sells her robes.

Then we head to Panama Passage, a relatively new facility under Canadian/US-American management. It is at the same time guest house, tiny campground, mailing station, help for shipping, obtaining spare parts and much more ( Christian and Persephone, co-proprietors and current managers are very likeable and facilities like that non-existent so far. Beds in their guest hose cost 15 $ a night, camping is 10 $ per vehicle. The only other camping option in Panama City we know is the Balboa Yacht Club parking lot at Calzada Amador.

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