Santa Clara, Panama – Santa Clara in white

The Pan Americana is in quite good condition, partially even a four-lane highway. The journey is so fast that we unexpectedly soon reach the next Pacific beach at Santa Clara. Actually this one is public as well, but there is not too much access, it is congested by villas of rich Americans, by restaurants, and an ugly multi-story hotel. Actually the only access belongs to a Canadian couple that offers a parking lot, a bar and soon a restaurant. They ask for 3 $ entrance fee per person incl. parking, 5 $ for camping, and we are allowed to park at the beach. It is soft, white and very protected so that there are nearly no waves. Santa Clara is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches at the south cost. It is guarded, safe and extremely quiet at night: N 08°22’29.9’’ W 80°06’18.1’’.

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