Matagalpa, Nicaragua – Hiking in Matagalpa area

In Matagalpa, a small town at a distance from Pan Americana, we visit Centro Girasol where we can get coffee, cake, some souvenirs and some homemade dairy products like yoghurt, cream cheese, and ice cream. All earnings are for the benefit of families with impaired children. There are also maps with directions available for hikes in the area under certain themes like “traces of the revolutionary heroes” or “petroglyphs of the Maya”. It is all day hikes that might require to overnight in Matagalpa, but camping is difficult in town.

Another beautiful hiking area is Selva Negra north of town, heading to Jinotega. Access is via the coffee finca with the same name that doesn’t allow camping. Alternatively we could book two beds for 15 US$ or hike as a day user for 3 $ pp. Another option is Finca Esperanza Verde that also grows coffee and runs an eco lodge. Advance notice in their office in San Ramón is practical since parking space is limited. (Office in San Ramón: Take the first parallel road north of the main road, and then drive to the end of the dead end.) After another 15 km gravel road (the last four kilometres better with all-wheel drive) we are expected at the finca. For camping they request 7 $ per person, but we agree on 7 $ for the camper. There are some hiking trails on the plot. (N 12°56’23.4’’ W 85°46’48.4’’)

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