Zamorano, Honduras – Sausage and cheese instead of camping

500 metres of elevation on a distance of a mile – that is the way we have to descend this morning. Again we need one and a half hours. Further, extensive clearance is necessary since branches subside in the course of two days. In other places branches broke off halfway and block the track. Finally arriving in Zamorano we aren’t lucky with the agricultural university: They don’t allow us to camp on the whole area. Not even in front of the hotel that’s run by the uni. We may only overnight if we rent a room – not cheep though. Too bad, we would have liked to see the education facility for agricultural engineers and economists that’s famous on the entire continent. We only call on the supermarket where beside regular articles milk, bread and meat products from university-owned production are sold. The Zamorana brand is available in other Honduran groceries as well, but selection and price are unbeatable here.

Few kilometres east of Zamorana we find shelter with Eco Parque Zamorana for 100 Lempira (N 14°01’13.0’’ W 86°58’58.1’’). The only thing they have in common with “eco” might be the thrifty use of swimming pool chemicals. But it’s a spacious and quiet camping spot anyway – eco or not.

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