Parque Nacional La Tigra, Honduras – Like Jurassic Park

It’s only one more kilometre to the park entrance but we wouldn’t have made it. Here are definitely too many trees. Clearance works wouldn’t have made ourselves popular with the park administration. The tiny indentation beside the entrance road wouldn’t have been ideal for camping either. The entrance fee of 10 US$ per person (can be paid in HNL) might support the park if pretty steep for what’s offered. With the ticket we receive a copied orientation map for the few hiking trails. Signposting isn’t as good as claimed, and the distance details don’t seem to be always correct.

Favourite routes are crossing the park to the second visitor centre and the hike to a waterfall. We decide for latter that starts a viewpoint. In the beginning trees are sparse but the closer we get to the cascade the more jungle-like and marshy it gets. Strange plants grow here; it looks a bit like scenes from Jurassic Park. We aren’t lucky with wildlife today, but the dark dense cloud forest and the not too sumptuous but 40 m high waterfall are nice.

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