Lago de Yojoa, Honduras – About potholes and counter-police strategies

My travel literature states that roads are good in Honduras, potholes are rare, and police controls seldom. Let me say it this way: The amount of potholes exceeds by far the number of the country’s inhabitants (after all 8 mill.). Quite a few of them are so deep that we could easily open a fish-farming in them. The number of police controls also surpasses our expectations, but most of the time the officers just wave their hands. If not, my strategy proves itself: overwhelm them with talking. Beat them at their own game! Exactly as I have to sift the only interesting information out of a lecture lasting several minutes following a simple question (like “How do I get to…”) I fill them up with important and non-important information at the same time. As if I was keen on using my fragmentary Spanish I don’t tell them only what they want to know (where we come from right now), but also that we are Germans, what we have already seen in the country, where we’ll go now and what we plan to visit in future. I list all cities and sights I can remember even if I stretch the truth a bit. Perhaps I also tell them how beautiful the country is and how friendly the people are. That forces even the toughest officer to his knees. It is to remember to take the sunglasses off to show off blue eyes to their advantage. But at this point the policeman has already given up and lets us pass.

12 km in front of La Esperanza the potholes end because the road ends, and a rough dried mud track blends in. But as long as the low-loading vehicle is behind us (This dirt road would be a reason for an instant dismissal for every North American and European truck driver) and “school busses” or the more common coaster busses drive towards us we don’t have to worry. The CA 5 then is a good road for a change. We quickly reach Lago de Yojoa, the country’s largest lake, which isn’t huge but pretty and good for bird watching. We decide for the only official campground in Honduras I know: Honduyate Marina, camping at the lake shore, 100 HNL for two persons, N 14°51’29.5’’ W 87°57’16.9’’.

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