El Pitál, El Salvador – Mountain without view and more helpfulness

Suchitoto is located at Lago de Suchitlán known also as Embalse de Cerrón Grande, the country’s largest lake. Although nearly abandoned until the early 90s due to the civil war the city blossomed out in the meantime to the cultural capital and tourists’ favourite spot. The lake is embedded into a lovely green landscape with islands, mountains, and volcanoes. Boat excursions can be booked in a new touristic port with restaurants, pool, and crafts shops. We consider the prices (from 20 $ on for 30 min) to be excessive. Camping would be possible, but the parking lot is very crooked and levelling difficult (Puerto Turistico San Juan, N 13°56’45.6’’ W 89°00’58.9’’).

And again: Policemen asked for the way greet me with a handshake as well as a government official. We get to know that the shortcut to Aguilares is in good condition. And so we escape the heat at 250 m / 750 ft elevation into the mountains. In San Ignacio right before the Honduran border to the north we ask about El Pital, with 2730 m / 8200 ft the country’s highest mountain, just to be on the safe side. Signposting in El Salvador is much better than in Guatemala, even though not always complete. The asked pick-up driver approves everything: The road leads to the mountain, we can go there with Arminius, and camping is possible in Miramundo. Two minutes later the same red pick-up is in front of us – he must have taken a shortcut – and shows us the way to go. In the course of the stretch we turn into a forest road, and of course we discuss: Are we safe? Where does the man lure us to? I consider him as trustworthy but lay out my handy companion-chopper ready just as a precaution.

After 13 km hotel Miramundo comes into sight. The entrance clearance wouldn’t be sufficient, but not much further there is the mentioned campground. The driver says good-bye well-behaved, he just loved to help. What is going on with the Salvadorians? Can this be beaten? The camping is only a tent site on a slope. The parking area on the opposite side also belongs to the hotel Ventana del Cielo and is levelled. We can camp here for 5 $ a night, electricity and water could be organized. Another campground a bit to the back has a limited entrance clearance as well. (N 14°20’30.2’’ W 89°06’54.0’’)

We shall have the best view in the country from here in 2250 m / 6750 ft elevation: Not only nearly the entire El Salvador but Guatemala and its volcanoes Pacaya and Agua can be seen. This is out of the question for the moment, every afternoon clouds and thunderstorms come up, but in the morning it’s mostly clear.

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