Lagos de Colón, Chiapas – Water in places

Cascadas El Chiflón is an amazing series of waterfalls that plunge from large height into the valley. Five of them are higher than 25 m, one even 120 m. There is a hiking path beside the river that we follow to the plateau. There are some marked areas with less current where swimming is possible. Oncoming visitors are dripping wet. Were they swimming? Probably not. The upper big waterfall spreads spray that equals a shower. We are soaked in minutes and have to turn round soon before our backpack is completely sodden and the cameras suffer damage. At the beginning respectively the end of the walk there is a manger for iguana. The imposing characters are more than a metre long in camouflage green or noticeably coloured and self-confident enough to pose for some photos.

In the afternoon we are heading on to Lagos de Colón close to the Guatemalan border. The private reserve is a good departure for trips to or from Guatemala since the border crossing is only 45 minutes away. Entrance fee is 10 Peso; there might be extra costs for camping at the lake. We follow a river for some kilometres through a forest and some open spaces in the direction of an archaeological find where some beautiful spots to free camp are. The “torrential” river has to be crossed several times, but the Mexicans manage that easily with their low-riders. The river is clear and refreshing and perfect to swim in. We will stay here for some days before continuing to Guatemala.

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