Cascadas El Chiflón, Chiapas – Early reunion

Lagos de Montebello National Park shall have lakes in most resplendent colours. There is no entrance fee, but we come immediately under siege from boat trip providers and guides of all classes that want to show us the lakes. Admitted, there is not too much to see from the road, but the mountain weather isn’t too inviting today. We have already heard from other travellers that the park is much commercialized. We can’t stand the aggressive yelling and leave. The parking lots wouldn’t have made a quiet overnight place anyhow.

Actually we have arranged to meet tomorrow with Petra and Klaus whom we have met earlier in San Cristóbal. But in Comitán de Dominguez where we decide to buy some grocery they accidentally show up in the parking. They want to head to Cascadas El Chiflón today and we follow. Entrance fee is 20 Peso pp, camping 25 pp for a silent place with view to the river.

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