Lagos de Montebello, Chiapas – 52 lakes

Without any problem, just crossing some military checkpoints, we drive all the way along the Guatemalan border. To reach Lagos de Montebello we finally have to climb to chilly 1500 m elevation. The area is mottled with 52 smaller and bigger lakes that have most different colours with sunshine. The major part was declared a national park, but a part is in the hands of a coop. Ejido Lagos de Tziscao takes 15 Peso entrance fee and allow camping on all parking lots at all lakes they own, as well as on sites in the town of Tziscao. We invest another 80 Peso for camping on a very quiet area in the end of the village that belongs to a hotel with good lake access. It is well to cold to swim! The lake’s water level rose for four metres during the last two unusually intense rainy seasons. Some parts of the terrain disappeared; some trees stand in the water and some houses too close to it. Local residents fear that the current rainy season will bring more flooding while in other parts of Mexico lakes dry out.

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