Ciudad de México, D.F., México – Long Mexican history

The National Anthropological Museum in Mexico City is a jewel. It is a must even for museum grouches if willing to shed light on the various Mesoamerican cultures. The museum is huge and nearly too much for one day. The ground floor of the u-shaped building houses besides an introduction to anthropology twelve galleries that pay attention to Mexico’s different advanced cultures. Among them are the Toltecs, the Maya, the Aztecs, Teotihuacán, Oaxaca and other regions. The upper floor holds collections of clothes, houses, objects d’art, religious artefacts as well as information about festivals and social organisation of the 56 surviving indigenous nations of Mexico. In the inner courtyard of Museo Nacionál de Antropología stands an eleven meters high pillar, surrounded by a water curtain, and covered by an 84 m long canopy. It is thought to be the largest concrete structure in the world, resting on a single column. (Entrance fee 51 Peso pp)

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