Coyoacán, México – Refined hospitality

Hospitality is a high good in many countries. Bernardo and his girl-friend Alma, our new Mexican friends, welcomed us so warmly in their wonderful city house in Coyoacán, part of Mexico City. Bernardo invites us in the evening to an excellent restaurant to show us sophisticated but traditional Mexican cuisine. We assure him to eat everything and he orders a variety of dishes to try. It is absolutely delicious. There is a tasty soup from roasted pork skin, puréed with chillies, and another milder one made with crushed black beans. We get tacos with duck meat and avocados as well as tortillas with cooked tongue in vinegar stock with onions and carrots. Then we try two different fish dishes with white fish under onion-habanero-topping and tuna in bean sauce and also three different desserts: a homemade fruit ice cream, a sharp chocolate soufflé and a kind of strudel – a pastry baked with fruits and a low-salt fresh cheese called panela that’s a little bit similar to fresh Italian mozzarella (very tempting combination). We learn that Mezcal, agave schnapps like tequila, doesn’t have to taste like tequila but more like Grappa. There are roasted grasshoppers on the menu, but I’ll try them next time.

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