Micos, San Luis Potosí – In the jungle

The farewell wasn’t easy and only possible after several swims, but we want to go to the Micos cascades. Finally arrived there we really need a bath. 42° C are a lot and unusual in humid jungle climate. The 70 Peso entrance fee including camping are quite all right, but the site disappoints us. The waterfalls are rapids, there is mud and stones grown over with algae, and the water isn’t very clear. Theoretically we can drive down to the river at night and park there somewhere between snack and souvenir stands. That is so little inviting that we prefer to stay in the daytime parking lot and weather the storm there. It flashes and thunders, the thunderstorm got caught in the valley between the mountains, but there’s not too much rain. Nevertheless: The rainy season started.

Although the site wasn’t completely convincing, Cascadas de Micos promise some cooling off in any case: N 22°05’57’’ W 99°08’52’’.

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