Tomasopo, San Luis Potosí –Paradise on earth?

Is there a paradise on earth? Maybe not really. But the Cascadas de Tomasopo come close to. A whole lot of waterfalls pour into natural pools, some ankle-deep, some measure several meters. We can jump in or shower under the cascades. The pools flow into rivers who receive the water of other falls downstream. The turquoise-coloured pools are just cool enough to be felt refreshing, but warm enough to stay for for an hour or longer. The area is surrounded by a tropical garden, exotic plants and flowers, colourful birds, big butterflies, and dragonflies. Are we still in Mexico? Oh, yes, Mexico doesn’t only consist of dry hills and cacti.

We are in Huasteca Potosina, a djungle-like area in Mexico’s central east, the world’s northernmost tropical rainforest. Most travel guides unintelligibly pay little attention to it. Accordingly it was difficult to find information, but several Mexicans recommended us to come here. The region received its name from the Huestecs, a Indigene tribe that lives here, and San Luis Potsí, state and capital. We may camp on the grassy parking lot in front of the Tomasopo waterfalls for 20 Peso per person and car (makes 60 for us). Over and over we dip into the crystal-clear water with the tiny fish and consider ourselves to be in paradise – no matter what was the answer to question one.

For those who want to see the paradise as well: It is located north of Tomasoso at GPS N 21°56’21’’ W 99°23’46’’.

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