Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato – A real ghost town

Once one of Mexico’s most important mining centres, today ghost town; once prospering silver mine, today historic district; once lively big city with 80,000 inhabitants, today quiet village with 2,000 remaining residents: Mineral de Pozos was founded in 1576 and left in the revolutionary years. The French and Spanish mine owners went back home, the workforce moved to Mexico City.

The major part of the former city can be visited only from outside due to danger of collapse, but some of the former mines are accessible. There are no signs in town; we have to find our way by asking. Without paying any entrance fee we can stroll around between the ruins and imagine the life of an unequal divided society of most rich owners and very poor workers.

Tonight we visit the former teacher Marjorie, and tomorrow we’ll meet Barbara’s husband, the Archaeological professor, and their friends.

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