Silao, Guanajuato – Jesus is big

On a 2900 m high mountain close to the city of Silao a statue of Christ stands enthroned. It shall be the second largest of the world, but that’s not completely true. Counting the high plinth where a church is located on two stories one could put Christo Rey on the second place after the 36 m high monument in Poland. But plinth isn’t the same as statue, and for the remaining 20.5 m only a standing at the rear places, even far behind the famous statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, is left.

For the moment, we have to try to find Christo Rey. First many signs with white Christ icons on blue background point the direction, suddenly they disappear. It is essential to know that abruptly one has to follow the signs to El Cubilete how the mountain is called the monument was erected upon. That’s Mexican logic. In the end of a several kilometres long cobblestone road that steeply climbs the mountain we find Jesus. Big yes, but not overpowering. From here we have a wide view into the vast country. This place in the mountains is pleasantly cool, quiet, and peaceful. We decide to bed down on a remote parking lot below the statue for the night.

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