La Paz, Baja California Sur – Busy beach days

We stay three days at El Tecolote Beach, but we are busy. We say good-bye to Regine and Walter, two Swiss globetrotter friends whom we already met in the USA, but we probably won’t meet them again on the road. We also part from our American friends Bill and Barbara from La Paz. I dare to get my hair done by a Spanish speaking hairdresser, and it turns out well, better that ever before. On the beach, we meet a French family that gigs around with their little son for a year from South to North America. Since they had a bad experience with TMC ferries that didn’t keep their price agreement when the time for payment came, we go another time to the harbour. We place Arminius so that the office ladies can see the truck. We receive the same offer like last time. What is still no guarantee, isn’t it?

In the evening the winch is employed again. A Jeep dug itself into a dune and needs help. Luis, the driver, sees that it is a lot of hassle: clearing away everything in the camper to be able to move, winching, coiling up the cable and driving back – it takes 30 to 40 minutes altogether. Luis doesn’t only help us winding up, he gives us all the beer in his ice box. 20 minutes later he returns with a portion of ceviche, raw fish salad, and a bunch of freshly baked tortilla chips from the neighbouring seafood restaurant. One of the nice and smart guys! Then we are ready to leave Baja California that we liked very much indeed.

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