La Paz, Baja California Sur – Ferry studies

What wasn’t possible in Tecate is pretty simple here: to get the temporary import permit for our Unimog that’s necessary for foreign vehicles outside of Baja California. It takes half an hour until all papers are filled in, copies are made, the customs declaration is issued, and the vehicle classified. But the ladies in the Banjercito office at the harbour are very professional and multilingual. For 592 MXN we receive a permit that’s valid for ten years. It is necessary to present a credit card on the vehicle owner’s name, the title, passport, and the immigration card. There are two ferry lines from Pichilingue: As well Bajaferries as TMC head for Topolobampo and Mazatlán.

During Bajaferries operates well organised and English speaking, although with partially higher prices, communication is more difficult at the TMC counter. How to explain a shapely Mexican rustic beauty in a miniskirt what is a Unimog? The attempt ends in two different prices – the last one is higher – since small campers are not scheduled with TMC. The offer to ship as small truck is still better than the price offered by Bajaferries. Besides they propose to stay in the camper on the upper deck. We can neither buy the ticket nor make a reservation since it is low season. We can only hope the offer will still be valid in a week or so.

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