San Ignacio, Baja California Sur – Batman attacks

The constant wind chases us away from dusty Vizcaíno desert. Even beach strolls aren’t fun anymore. In Punta Abreojos a newly paved road starts, and we continue to MEX 1 and further to San Ignacio. The small town is situated in the middle of a lush green oasis, fed by a productive spring. Jesuit Father Piccolo acknowledged the potential of this site already in 1716 and erected a hut that served a provisional chapel. In 1728 missionaries started to build a church that was finished 40 years later.

The central plaza is surrounded by colonial buildings. On one end the mission Nuestra Señor San Ignacio de Kadakaamán sits enthroned. It was restored in 1976 and is used as a church today. It is an impressive mission with its more than one metre thick walls from local volcanic stone, the massive lumber beams, and its six metres tall carved entrance gate from the mainland. The altar is also made from carved wood, decorated with gold leaf. The high walls care for pleasant cool.

As we want to leave the church my breath stops. Instead of squealing, what was my first good idea, I say with composure: “Joerg, something is crawling up my left leg. Would you please take a photo of it?” I’m shuddering. Which creature might want to bond with me? Initially I think it is a mouse, but a closer look reveals it is a small bat. It butts in on the straps of my sandals. But it doesn’t like the flash of the camera and tries to escape, up on my smooth leg, what doesn’t work very well. The claws crawl terribly. Eventually batman disappointedly lets go. I don’t seem to be a promising alliance.

Passing the volcano Las Tres Virgenes we go through the mountains back to the Gulf of California where we stop at a lonely campground close to Santa Rosalía.

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