Parque Nacional San Pedro Mártir, Baja California Norte – Snow in Baja’s mountains

It is one of the most secluded parks in Mexico: It is probably so rarely visited due to its remote location, even though the 78 km long mountainous road from MEX 1 to Parque Nacional San Pedro Mártir is paved in the meantime. The nature preserve comprises a part of Baja California’s highest mountain chain and its highest peak, the 3095 m high Picacho del Diablo. The park entrance is at 2700 m, even in the middle of April there is still snow in shady depressions. There are several hiking options, but few marked ones. Ambitious hikers should bring a GPS, topographical maps, and a smattering of Spanish to coordinate with the monolingual rangers. The park is known for its endemic San Pedro Mártir cypress, lodgepole pines, and quaking aspen. The rare bighorn sheep lives in the mountains and the Californian Condor, that was extinct here 60 years ago, was settled recently. The park’s entrance fee is 50 MXN per person for 24 hours and includes a night on the primitive campground, which has outhouses, tables and benches as well as some grills or fireplaces.

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