Tecate, Baja California Norte – Border town’s dangers

Fritz drives us with his old Mercedes to Tecate to show us the liquor store, the vegetable market and the modern big supermarket. Here cheese looks like cheese and not like plastic, fruits are allowed to have some spots, and bakery produce seem to be able to go mouldy within an appropriate time. Since according to US citizens it is risky to stay in a Mexican border town we jointly go in search of the dangerous Mexicans. The most dangerous thing we can find is the uniformed schoolgirls with white or black knee-length socks and forbidden short chequered skirts that have to turn their school friends’ heads.

We lick an ice cream that is dangerous to potential addiction: mango with chilli, creamy-fruity instead of greasy-sweet. Later Fressia makes dinner for us: There are pineapples for desert – with chilli, of course. Here they serve everything with chilli: water melons, strawberries, and mango. Fressia makes jams and jellies from their fruits and sells them. Is anybody surprised that she makes chilli jelly as well?

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