Portrero, California – Tiring advices

On a stop in El Centro to do some last errands, we get like always some attention, and the usual questions where from and where to. I’m sorry to say that I really can’t hear it anymore: “You’re going to Mexico?!? That’s DANGEROUS! You have to take CARE!” I know, those people might be right, but I feel it’s tiring. Why does everybody only talk about Mexico and nobody talks about the dangers New York City, or how high the crime rate in Los Angeles is? Which media arranged that brainwash?

We are approaching the border on hwy # 94 over high mountains and winding roads. On the search for a place for the night we bump into a campground that turns out to be a refuge for homeless persons. We quickly slip away and land in Potrero Country Park. We forgot that we are in California, they want 24 US$ a night. We hope the Border Patrol will not pester us too much and stay for our last night in the United States in front of the library, where a very beautiful cactus garden was built.

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