Tucson, Arizona – The shortened tie

Once more we try to sweep the dust off the corners from the past hot windy days. Our diving buddy Richard already awaits us in Tucson. He invites us for dinner to a typical restaurant, where Americans would go with tourists. The whole area is kept in a funny western style. Besides the restaurant there are shooting galleries, souvenir shops, and a complimentary gun stunt show, where some actors dressed up in a manner true to the original are having a fight and shooting around loudly.

Ties are strictly forbidden in the restaurant, and hence it is declared aim to persuade the tourist to wear one. The ties are cut off with a big fuss and are fixed together with the victim’s business card to a wall or beam. The whole thing is good fun, and Joerg shows the appropriate humour. It wasn’t his tie anyway. The restaurant’s food is good and typically south-western. Most guests eat steak or hamburgers or even more typical the slow-cooked meat. Most of the time this is beef that cooks in a smoker for many hours (here it’s said to be 15 hours) until it nearly falls apart. Then it is cut into wafer-thin slices and served as shaved meat or scraped meat. Simply delicious.

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