Amado, Arizona – The conclusion

We have to give several interviews – perhaps Arminius is getting famous soon. Lois Pryce already managed to do so. The petite Englishwoman drives her dirt bike alone around the world and writes about her adventures. Her today’s slide show can’t keep up with presentations in Germany – technically-wise. Her photos are impressive, but simple, and the slide technology refreshingly plain. The presentation lives from her personality, she beats most of her mainly male colleagues with her enthusiasm. Her way with words and her self-mockery, which make her books a permanent laugh, gets across live as well – as long as one understands her earthy British accent.

There is a barbecue for all exhibitors and participants of the Expo, although most of them already departed, because they might have to work tomorrow. For us, it was a very fruitful event. We had the opportunity to meet many other travellers and exchange valuable information.

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