Amado, Arizona – The Overland Expo 2011

The Overland Expo takes part for the third time at the inventor’s instigation, which is organizer Roseann Hanson. It’s all about off-road travelling. It is at the same time trade fair for vehicles and accessories, meeting point for globetrotters, as well as training and event forum. The program comprises cross-country driving courses, tire and bush mechanics, winching, provisioning and cooking on the go, medical self-support, travelling with kids or dogs. The range is extensive. Some experienced and professional globetrotters offer slide and film shows, among them travel authors Lois Pryce and Chris Scott.

The first day of the Overland Expo 2011 is a day of planned and surprising visits. Simon from Canada shows up, whom we met more than six months ago close to Vancouver. We arranged to meet a Swiss travellers’ couple that started with us in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a year ago. Surprisingly we see Richard again, our hiking buddy from Tuesday. He decided to come over from Tucson straight away. George from the east coast who wrote us months ago flew over here. Martin from Arizona, whom we couldn’t visit due to a lack of time, drops by. Claude and his wife Lynn from Alberta in Canada had to cancel their surprise visit since there was a case of illness in the family.

We are getting a hoarse voice. Not only from talking with old and new friends. But also with interested and curious persons. It is the hottest first of April in southern Arizona since decades. We measure 105° F / 40° C in the shadow.

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