Saguaro National Park, Arizona – A perfect soundbox

Saguaro National Park is divided into two parts: The less attractive Rincon Mountain Unit east of Tucson, having a disproportionately high percentage of old cacti or very young Saguaros. In Tucson Mountain Unit west of the city we find dense cactus vegetation of all age groups and many hiking options. This applies to Tucson Mountain Park connecting to the south as well. The namesakes of this park are one of the world’s tallest cacti. The largest specimen was 18 m high, had 50 arms and was 250 years old.

There are some interesting loop drives as well. Camping is possible in Tucson Mountain Park only. The Gila woodpecker doesn’t peck only holes into the bark of a tree to find some insects. It also pecks to attract females and to identify its territory. What could be better than making a little bit more noise than usual? There are a few lanterns with metal hoods around the campground that might be useful as effective soundboxes. Two woodpeckers on opposite sides of the campground spotted the lanterns to be beneficial for them and hammer for all one is worth to tell the adversary: Up to here and no further!

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