Palm Desert, California – Summer heat

There are nice policemen in California as well. Repeatedly an official car of the close by police station stops at our Unimog. But always the officers ensure us that they are just curious and admire our truck. Then we leave Steve, Virginia and Travis before our clothes don’t fit anymore. We’ve had such a great time with them! We somehow have to cross the San Jacinto Mountains. A winding road leads through the green Bautista Canyon up into the mountains, paved in the beginning, gravelled later on. Halfway up there is a prison for less serious criminals like cheque blacklegs and others. What a nice surroundings to be imprisoned! And actually, there is only a very low fence around, keeping people from outside from getting into the facility much more than inmates from escaping. In the valley behind the gulch the chilling influence of the Pacific Ocean disappeared. The heat is oppressing with 95° F / 35°C that slowly cools down only when going up the slope on the other side of the valley heading to Joshua Tree National Park.

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