Los Angeles, California – Real and would-be stars in Hollywood

Once in the area we have to visit Los Angeles. Since the single districts are scattered we decide for the classic: Hollywood. Camille drives us and her girl-friend Theresa from Chicago whom we also met hiking in southern Utah and who flew over yesterday. Graumanns Chinese Theater is situated at the Hollywood Boulevard. On the square in front if it many stars immortalized themselves in concrete with their hand and footprints and a slogan for Sid Graumann. Sid’s Chinese Theater accommodates cinema and restaurant today. The Walk of Fame starts here. Until now 2400 bronze stars were set into the sidewalk to both sides to honour stars, starlets and other celebrities of the showbiz.

The whole thing is a show arena. Would-be artists show their arts as musicians or rap dancers and try to press as much money from the audience as possible. Others act as photographic models like Darth Vader from the Star Wars Saga or Tom Cruise as Top Gun marine pilot – for a fee, of course. And then there are the completely manic ones that probably think they ARE Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and dress, move and behave like their idols, strolling around apparently unaffected hoping somebody buys their story. The upper open floors of a multi-storey mall on Hollywood Boulevard are a good spot to see the famous Hollywood letters on the city’s hills.

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