Myrtle Point, Oregon – Through rainforest to the Pacific coast

Don’t miss the coastal view points Klamath River Overlook at Requa and Point St. George in Crescent City in the northern part of the Redwood Parks. The views to the Pacific with its raging waves are spectacular. One of the prettiest roads in the park is Howland Hill Road that loops back to hwy # 101 via hwy # 199. The very narrow trail (good for passenger cars only, Arminius just fits in) leads through a majestic, awe-inspiring stand of tree, enchanting with its dense understorey of ferns and rhododendron. Down here it’s pretty dark and the rain is dripping sparsely through the 100 m high evergreen leaves.

We stay on hwy # 101 and head north along the Oregon coast that’s said to be even more beautiful than the Californian one. I try to imagine that but it’s not that easy due to continuous rain. From time to time, when the sun breaks through, the Pacific changes its colour from dreary grey to light turquoise. We can watch from many viewpoints how the waves brake at the outcropped black rocks.

The weather doesn’t promise anything good. We plan to go via hwy # 42 to I 5 back to California. At # 42 land is under water. Rivers bubble over, and pastureland transforms into swamp.

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