Jenner, California – Another search for a criminal

We want to discover the coast northwards during Scott is busy with the starter. We go to Napa Valley, but think it’s too busy on a weekend. Queues of people arouse, waiting for a wine tasting. We skip it and proceed to legendary highway no. 1. The road winds its way up and down along the coast. There are several magnificent views to the mighty Pacific Ocean that seems to quietly lie there, but thunderous waves break against the offshore rocks and cliffs. We are watching some seals in a protected river mouth that glide apparently playful through the water. There are some whales’ spouts as well. We find a place to overnight at the top of some cliffs and get ready for the sunset with camera and binoculars.

Two Sheriff Cars zoom past us. Not much later the Sheriff’s helicopter circles above and below us, again and again, exactly in the area where we are. When it’s getting darker the searchlights are switched on. We hear K-9 units barking and megaphone announcements. Only when the last daylight disappears the helicopter turns off. We can’t stop an uneasy feeling and decide to drive on despite the darkness. Yet after the next curve is the police presence. We stop for a short time to check the situation since we’ve actually planned to stay overnight. “We’ve something going on up there” the friendly officer informs us and points uphill without being able, being allowed, or wanting to say more. He confirms that it is definitely better to leave the area. As a precaution we cover several miles but it takes time since it is very dark and there is one hairpin bend after the other. We are happy to find a place where another motorhome has already parked. We join it.

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