Vallejo, California –At Expeditions-Scott in Vallejo

The I 80 is the fastest way to the Californian Pacific coast. We cross the Sierra Nevada on the only 7239 ft / 2200 m high Donner Summit. The highway is perfectly ploughed, but to the right and left skiers dash down the sunny slopes. We even skip Lake Tahoe due to the wintery conditions, but we’ve been there already few years ago. Not much further everything gets green: Trees carry leaves, almond trees bloom pinkish.

Scott’s company Expedition Imports is situated in an industrial area of Vallejo. He has an excellent name for trading with expedition vehicles and spare parts, and of course Unimogs. We are having a weak starter that works perfectly when temperatures are mild, but doesn’t like the cold (who does?). Scott shall rebuild it. In the meantime he makes another high torque starter available to us, which we can either keep or return to him after repairing the old one. Everything without money, and without surety. Scott just trusts in our coming back.

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