Mesquite, Nevada – Excitement in the water station

In the morning we comb another time the eroded sandstone plateau Little Finland searching for new and undiscovered shapes. We meet Gonzo from the Muppet Show with the long hanging nose. It’s cold. A storm coming from the north pushes a cold front down south. The search for drinking water for our tank makes us stopping in the village Bunkerville. On the surface of the water in the municipal park’s public restrooms a thick layer of ice formed. I didn’t see something like that before! Fortunately the toilet bowls are from metal and can’t break from freezing.

We didn’t want to pay 10 $ for a water tank filling on the campground in Overton. In Bunkerville’s library we are advised to try it in the next town, in Mesquite’s water station. The ladies in the office there burst into shrieking when discovering Arminius. They order a worker to help us with the water. He isn’t less flustered. Well, maybe there is not too much going on in Mesquite. Anyway, we will remember that it might be possible to get drinking water in a water station. Where else? On I 15, we engage 16th gear and tear up the road to Las Vegas.

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