Cedar City, Utah – Giving a hand for locked-outs

We try to get information and maps for our next remote destinations in the BLM office in Kanab. We have mediocre success, nobody knows or ever heard about that area. They print some helpful pages from the internet and we receive a few telephone numbers of other BLM stations. I telephone around, but the only thing I get to know is that Little Finland, our next adventure, is at least accessible. I don’t find a map.

We cross Midway Summit on the mountainous hwy # 14 where five feet snow covers the land. An excited man beckons us. He locked himself out of his van, and the key is inside the car. How can modern vehicles manage that? Two boys are with him, and it’s pretty chilly up here. They planned to go backcountry camping. Unfortunately there is no cell phone coverage, and so I offer to get help from Cedar City where we are heading to.

Cedar City received its name due to an error: The predominant tree type is juniper, but then the town founders probably didn’t know the difference. There is no answer from the ranger’s telephone number that the help-seeking man gave me. It is Friday afternoon, he might be off duty. We drive around town looking for a BLM, Forestry Service or police office. A typical white pickup with green dressed men inside appears besides us. We follow them, and at the next red stoplight I jump out to ask if they are rangers. They are, and we agree to stop after the traffic light. I explain the problem and they promise to take care of the matter. We can only hope that the father with the kids has been helped soon.

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