Grand Junction, Colorado – Like old friends

A young man stops me at the Wal-Mart parking lot. He has seen us some weeks ago as we left Fruita parking lot at I 70 to Grand Junction. He couldn’t talk to us, but he wrote down our web address and he marvelled how fast we drove on the interstate. It comes to light that he recently bought the same Unimog U 1300 L from the same year of manufacture from the Belgian army. Naturally he’s got a thousand questions.

We park on our well-tried quiet building supplies store car park. Since Alaska we learned that it is comfortable to park there. It is quieter than on supermarket parking lots, since they have fewer clients and they are closed at night. Nobody is against us parking here and there is nearly always a public Wi-Fi access. One of the employees finishes work for the day. We don’t know him, but he greets us like old friends. “Man, where have you been so long? What have you seen in the meantime? You’ve been here a month ago, haven’t you?” Right!

Another man ensures us to have followed us the whole day. We appeared on all mall parking lots, and finally he meets us personally to ask what kind of beast it is we are driving around. All true. Even with a camper you do Christmas shopping.

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