Lake Powell, Utah – Empty ferry

This time we take Burr Trail south to the end at Lake Powell, during the French turn north to Nottom Road where we came from ten days ago. Tonight’s rain made the clay that’s mixed with gravel damp and slippery. We are happy to not have taken the off-road-trail from Kodachrome Basin. We reach Lake Powell at midday. There is nobody and no information either at the ferry or at the visitor centre. Not even the ferry schedule is posted. I have tried to reach the ferry by phone but there was no answer as well. Fortunately the gas station at Bullfrog Marina is open and I learn that the second a last ferry for today will leave at 3:30 pm.

We are the only passengers and get to know that we are the third vehicle in three days to ferry across the lake. Therefore the staff was kind enough to charge us the passenger car charge of 25 $ only. The ferry stands still for two days a week and from the end of the month the ship will be out of operation for two whole months. We’ve been lucky to catch a ride. From Halls Crossing we follow hwy # 276 along the Redhouse Cliffs, dark red mountains with grey and violet shadings. The landscape is so red that the clouds reflect the colour. Then we take the also recommendable hwy # 95 to Blanding.

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