La Sal Junction, Utah –Difficult to say goodbye

It doesn’t happen too often: One meets people, who are on the absolute same wavelength. If those people are so intelligent, educated and creative as Malcolm and Pamela, from whom one can learn so much, it is very difficult to say goodbye. After wonderful days when we met numerous of their friends and neighbours, we finally tear ourselves away. Not without receiving dozens of photographic inside tips for Utah from Malcolm. Will we be ever able to leave Utah? There is so much to see!

Since we drove the section already a couple of times, we take for a change the road combination # 141/90/46 from Grand Junction through pretty canyons to La Sal Junction. You can visit there Hole’n’the Rock, a curious cave flat for 5 $ entrance fee. For 12 years a family kept on hammering a home into the rock, with all kitsch and comfort.

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