Grand Junction, Colorado – Malicious toilettes

There was a storm tonight, but no snow. The blizzard never showed up. There shall be some snow in higher elevation, but not too much. We plan to use the day for hairdresser, purchases and so on. Of course, on these days I use a public restroom from time to time. Those sometimes have two particularities: Lavatory seat covers and automatic toilet flushes. What doesn’t go very well together all the time.

I enter the cabin and pull one of the parchment-like toilet seat covers from the dispenser. The first paper oval tears, as filigree as it is. I throw it into the water. I handle the next one somewhat gentler and try to place it on the smooth, to the inside steep plastic seat. Of course the thing slips and lands in the toilet bowl. The third attempt is successful. With a following soft slap I convince the cover to stay in place. Just unbutton the pants and – well, the automatic toilet flush starts and heartlessly sweeps away the parchment. I have to work on my technique. First lower my pants, then getting seat cover in the right position. Now the difficult part: turning for 180° with the trousers at the ankles without stumbling or making too much wind to avoid the paper oval as light as a feather changing position. That’s definitely nothing for people with indigestion.

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