Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP, Colorado – Black canyons, white mountains

To get to the north rim of the Black Canyon we have to put up with a two to three hours drive since there is no direct connection. If there is a shortage in time I would even prefer north rim. Here is, in summer as well, not so much going on, the views are more dramatic, and the walls are steeper so that one can look down to the river without hindrance. The last kilometres of the access road are unpaved but well maintained.

On highway # 65 we cross Grand Mesa, the world’s largest mesa. There is room for more than 300 lakes up here and some ski areas. The surrounding plane is at about 1,500 m elevation; the road has its highest point at 3,305 m. -7° C and a layer of snow do not invite us to camping and so we descend the 1,800 m of elevation on the other side – nearly 30 km without accelerating. Then the road follows not less spectacular the canyon of the Plateau Creek and later as I 70 the Colorado River Valley.

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