Durango, Colorado – Sunglasses instead of snow chains

On our way through Colorado into the southernmost corner of the state we cross – another time – the Rocky Mountains. As soon as we approach San Juan Mountains, LED letters indicate the requirement of snow chains. We’ve got some, but they’re pretty heavy, and not easy to install. We are happy that the request expires before we reach Wolf Creek Pass at 3,216 m. The road is a steep ramp uphill for many kilometres and downhill as well. But the road is clear, snowploughs have done their work. Snow only crumbles slightly.

In the evening we find a rest area at the foot of Mesa Verde National Park. Unfortunately signs prohibit camping and parking overnight. There is a police car at the access. What is easier than asking an officer? He says that we are fine to stay in the back of the rest area. We can sleep in our cabin, but not set up a camp. The State Patrol will pass by later for a couple of times, since they run an outpost at the rest area. With surveillance and permission by the police we sleep even better.

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