Denver, Colorado – Day of culture

Perhaps Denver is just another of these big American cities. But there’s more: It’s location at the edge of the Rocky Mountains is simply gorgeous. Plus there is a distinctively sunny, dry continental climate with warm summers and winters of low precipitation in the lee of the Rocky Mountains, but for skiing you just have to drive a couple of kilometres. Today, on a November 6th, we have 28° C with sunshine – the whole summer in Canada wasn’t that hot. Harley Davidson motorcyclists are cruising about with t-shirts and helmet-free hair blowing. The metropolis in the centre of the western states has almost 600,000 inhabitants, with metro area 2.5 million and is located in the flat prairie that imminently merges into the foothills of the Rockies. Since the plateau continuously rises from east to west, Denver is already situated on 1,600 m elevation is therefore often called Mile High City. On the steps of the Capitol a mark was fixed where exactly one mile elevation is measured: Interesting: this changes during the years. There are already two different marks. Afterwards we visit the Museum for Science and Nature that shall belong to the leading museums about flora and fauna in North America. Worth the entrance fee of 11 $ is already the view from the terrace where we can see City Park, the pleasantly restricted skyline, and the mountain panorama behind as well.

In the end of the day we take the Lookout Road out of town that winds its way in sharp bends up to Lookout Mountain from where we enjoy a wonderful view to Denver at sunset.

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